What Our Clients are Saying

Testimonials from the opportunities where we have created meaningful social impact together…

I have had a great relationship working with Courtney [CLH Strategies & Solutions] for over 5 years and have learned a great deal from her. Working with Courtney is truly a partnership, she brings her expertise in dissemination strategy and her background in public health into the work, but is always willing to dig and and learn about the projects with which she gets involved. Prior to working with her I had a limited view of dissemination, but after our collaborations now know the importance of dissemination as an ongoing process, not just distribution. You can count on Courtney to be organized and efficient and always bring new ideas to the table. I have now worked with Courtney on several projects, and continue to look for ways to bring her into my work.

Allison M.,
Senior Research Associate at James Bell Associates

I cannot adequately convey the amazing qualities that Ms Harrison possesses. She is an extremely good communicator regardless of medium: a superb writer, a gifted orator, and listens with exquisite attention. Courtney is a creative thinker, extremely dependable, exhibits remarkable coolness under pressure and has exceptional emotional intelligence.

The success of the Kansas Supporting Healthy Marriage project has attracted interest from the governor’s office, chambers of commerce, the faith community and social service organizations with the hope of replicating this project/program in various milieus. We are actively negotiating with Courtney Harrison to expand her role in the state.

Mike D.,
Associate Professor, Newman University

As a consultant on a federal grant, Courtney Harrison quickly became an integral part of our implementation planning. She has continued to help us solve day-to-day problems as well as think strategically about our organization’s future.

Galena R.,
Research Associate Professor at University of Denver

Courtney’s intelligence and nuanced understanding of today’s most difficult human services issues truly set her apart from the typical policy wonk. She is adaptable and thoughtful, capable of writing successful public and private grants, generating incisive and thought-provoking policy commentary, and writing successful results-focused curricula targeting the hardest-to-serve of our populations.

Teresa M.,
Owner, Red Alert Communications

Courtney is a wonderful strategic thinker and shifts easily between the big picture and fine details. She has a kind way of expressing her strength, and she cares deeply about the people and projects she’s involved with. If you need it done right and done well, call on Courtney.

Lief N.,
Director, DeepLink Consulting

I have worked with Courtney and wouldn’t hesitate for a moment at the chance to work with her again. She is an extremely intelligent individual who has a great gift or communication to all audiences: client, team, executives, board of directors, etc. She’s able to provide that critical thinking that helps create the right solutions for the issue at hand. Courtney is reliable, a fabulous team player, and is willing to do what is needed to get the project completed. Courtney has my highest recommendation!

Cheryl H.,
President and CEO at GovCentric